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Discoveries in Numberland

Early childhood mathematics education programme for preschool, primary school and special education by Prof. Preiss

“Be kind to numbers, and the numbers will be kind to you.” Prof. Gerhard Preiss

“Learning about numbers can hardly be more child-friendly.” Journal The Spiegel 27/2002

Professor Preiss’s Numberland programme enables young children to learn about numbers in a hands-on and fun way, and helps them to build up knowledge about the world and associate this knowledge with their own lives. This programme was developed by Prof. Preiss and has been successfully implemented at more than a thousand preschools across Germany and other European countries.

The innovative approach to early childhood education used in this programme combines ideas from mathematics education with concepts from modern neurological research. This so-called “Neurodidactical” approach centres on the child and his or her individual development.


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